Earn side income Singapore

Earn side income Singapore


How does it work?

Get watches from us and sell it to your customer! No capital upfront needed!

  1. You advertise the watches available on our site to your own customer through your contacts / on your own website and etc.
  2. Once your customer confirms their order. Inform us via Email or SMS to make payment for the watches.
  3.  We can then help you to ship the order to the customer directly or even meet them on your behalf.

Costing for the watches (Up to 50% off SRP)

As we priced our watches at really competitive prices. You can easily get them at 50% off SRP when you order frequently from us.

Orders within 1 year with us (Starts from the date of your first order)

  • 1-10 orders – 10% off our listed price
  • 20 or more orders – 15% off our listed price

Why partner with us?

Unlike other shops which forces you to purchase their product before you even make your first deal. Which means that you will need lots of capital before you can even start earning side income.. But here at KOAT.SG, we do things the other way, making it easy for anyone to earn side income. You only pay us after you make the deal!

Some other benefits of partnering with us!

  1. Capital – The ability to sell a wide range of product without capital upfront as you only make payment to us once your customer confirm the order.
  2. Logistic – You earn the money. We do the dirty job for you (meeting customer / mailing orders to your customer)!
  3. After sales support – We provide after sales support for you so you don’t have to worry about anything after the deal!
  4. Fast Delivery – Once an order is confirmed, we are able to arrange for next day mailing / Meetup as all watches are stored in our Singapore warehouse.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]