Product Education

Watch care

In order to keep your watch timing accurate, efficient and endurable, this are some special precaution to take


Watch maintenance

Battery life

Generally between two and five years. It depends on the type of watch and the various functions that comes with the watch.

Battery replacement

To avoid the risk of any leakage, which could damage the movement, we recommend to avoid leaving a completely discharged battery in your watch.

Any work carried out by a non-authorized third party will void the warranty.

Cleaning of your watch

 For metal bracelet and water-resistant case, in case of dirty, use a small brush with soapy water to clean and a soft cloth for drying.

Things to avoid

Chemical and cosmetic

Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, fragrances, cosmetics or etc. As they may damage the case or coating on the bracelet.

Magnetic field

Avoid exposing your watch in areas with high-intensity magnetic field, (e.g. near handbag clasp, loudspeaker, on a refrigerator or near other electromagnetic equipment.)

Physical impacts

Avoid subjecting your watch to any shocks that may cause damage to the parts and movements of your watch.

Thermal impacts

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures of above 60°C or below 0°C. Also it’s best to avoid sudden changes in temperature (e.g. sauna or diving into cold water after exposure to the sun).